Recacon ー Mac, Windows and Android app for SONY Camera DSC-QX10 etc.


Recacon - REmote CAmera CONtroller

Mac and Windows ( Adobe AIR supported OS ) app for SONY Camera.

( for Camera Remote API supported camera DSC-QX10 etc. )

Remote liveview, zoom and shoot function were included.

Recacon for Android/iPhone Now Available!!

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Recacon for Mac and Windows is as follows.

Recacon screenshot

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Purchasing paid-for license of Android/iPhone app will help me.

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You need to install Adobe AIR to install Recacon for Mac/Windows. Download Adobe AIR.

Download Recacon ( Recacon1_2_2.air ) ( for Mac and Windows )

A7R, A7, NEX-6, NEX-5R, NEX-5T, HDR-AS15, HDR-AS30, and HDR-MV1 have no API for zoom. HDR-AS15 and HDR-MV1 have no API for 'Still Capture'.

<< How to use Recacon? >>

1. Connect your computer to Camera's Wi-Fi network. ( not to internet ) In case of Windows, set camera Wi-Fi network as a home network.

2. Launch Recacon.

Recacon screenshot

3. Push allow button ( Mac only ). Some antivirus software and firewall could be the reason why Recacon cannot access to the camera. Adding a Recacon to a list of trusted apps in antivirus software will be a solution.

Recacon screenshot

4. Liveview will appear. Push shoot button to take a picture.

( shoot button is available on limited device )

Recacon screenshot

This app is using Camera Remote API by SONY.

This app was tested with DSC-QX10. Free and No warranty.

This is NOT an official app of SONY. You can use this app at your own risk.